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mater. A subdural hematoma is actually blood flow decrease into where between the ideas cover (dura mater) and the ideas itself. There are blood vessels working through the ideas and in the spaces between the outside of the ideas and the inside of the go. During a problems for the ideas, such as in a car crash where there is a blow to the top, any of these blood vessels can tear and lose blood. Ruptured blood vessels working in the subdural place cause subdural neuro defend  hematomas. A rupture of the blood vessels working through the epidural place cause epidural hematomas. Both types of blood flow decrease take up place in the go and in so doing squeeze down on the ideas. Epidural hematomas lose blood quickly and compress the ideas rapidly while subdural hematomas lose blood much more slowly. Both types of blood flow decrease can have serious implications. As the emotional capabilities are enclosed within the go, when blood flow decrease happens there is no place for the blood flow vessels to drain into. The blood flow vessels therefore produces up and causes compression and pressure. If the blood flow decrease keeps on, the ideas gets compressed (squashed) so much that oxygen-rich blood flow vessels is prevented from flowing into the ideas. This lack of of fresh air causes extra ideas inflammation. This ideas inflammation, added to the blood flow vessels leaking from the torn boat, forces the ideas down through the little hole at the base of the go known as the foramen magnum. The various components of the ideas that come in immediate exposure to the bone around this opening get so compressed that they cease working. This region of the ideas controls breathing and pulse amount so the outcomes of this can be essential and sometimes deaths might result. Getting immediate therapy kind a Doctor at hospital is vital. The previously the blood flow decrease to the brian is clinically diagnosed and treated the faster the force on the emotional capabilities are relied. Therapy involves removing the blood flow vessels, sometimes through surgery therapy treatment, and stopping any further blood flow decrease. How does Bleeding in the Concepts occur? There are several risks and causes of ideas hemorrhages. The most frequent include: - Aneurysm. A weakening in the line of thinking wall that bleeds into the ideas.